Dear Valued Customer,

Greetings from Banglalion.

As a valued customer we have noticed a sudden drop in your data usage in recent time. Your continued stay is very important to us, and we would like to assist anyway possible so that you can fulfill your internet need by using Banglalion services. We can discount/waive your past dues, should you decide to re-start your Banglalion connection through the following plan:

Cruise Features

3 GB For Minimum 200 BDT Card Recharge In First Month

Effective For Both Inactive Prepaid & Postpaid Customers

Waive Your Previous All Dues

2 GB Additional Usage Limit

7 Days Bill Paying Period

256 kbps Speed

175 BDT Cash Back Bonus For Minimum 200 BDT Card Recharge at First Time

20% Cash Back Bonus in Each Recharge for First 30 Days (other than First One)

Pay Only 325 BDT and Continue Your Cruise Surfing From Second Month

Continue Cruise for 6 Months and Enjoy 25% Cash Back Bonus For Additional Usage

Recharge 7200 BDT BY Only Smart Pay Card to Change Your Current Active Connection to Cruise

Not Applicable for New & Corporate Customers

*Conditions Apply
*Connection Inactive For 50 Days or More....
* 15% VAT Applicable
* Applicable For Only 2010 and 2011 Customers
* 1 MB @ 0.25 BDT for additional usage.
This is a fantastic opportunity to start our relationship afresh and we believe that you will avail this opportunity to stay connected with us.

If you have any query, please call us: 01198989898, 01833312723, 01811454108, 01811447294
or Email:,,,
or Register Cruise in Online,
or Visit Our WiMAX Plazas,

We look forward to hearing from you.